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"One size does NOT fit everyone.  Our strategies are tailored to your individual and small company needs."



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Is the economy scaring you into inaction?

Every day we seem to be hearing about the bad news.  Lost in all of this could be the GOOD NEWS for you:

There are ways to keep more of what you do make.
There are ways to to have a secure retirement.
There are ways to have a guaranteed income.
There are ways to keep from getting beaten up by the markets.

We are Carr Financial Advocates–a company that really believes there are always financial choices, and that there should be someone in your corner who is truly interested in looking out for your interests.  We don't work miracles; we work hard, and we will help you keep more of what you have worked so hard to earn.

 In the coming weeks and months we will help you become more aware of some safer routes to your financial  freedom.  We know certain financial strategies helped you to accumulate your personal and company resources.  We also know some of those same resources can now be working against you as you begin to enter the distribution phase of your lives.  In other words, we are willing to ask the tough questions:
How can I plan it so I don't outlive my money?
Are there ways to potentially earn more than the CD rates without being directly in the markets? 
What is the true biggest risk to my entire retirement program?

We know most people never plan properly for their retirement years not because they don't want to do so.  Nor do they fail to plan because they don't have the resources, the energy, or the drive.  They don't plan because they don't want to think about not being here, but they don't want to think about being here too long either.

At Carr Financial Advocates we really understand the "Too-long vs. Not-Long-Enough" dilemma.  There may not be magic answers, but there are some good ways to deal with the problem.  We have helped other people, and we can help you.  If nothing else, you will sleep better knowing you are taking an active hand in controlling your retirement years, rather than having them control you.

We are Paul and Libby Carr of Carr Financial Advocates.  We can help.  Call or email us today.

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